Saturday, July 28, 2007

3 Day Project

I picked out some seed beads to match the
flower photo.

I used regular paper to cut-out and applied
Lacy's Stiff Stuff. I looked at the photo to

I started beading in the middle.

On the 3rd day I painted it pink and started
around the petal edges.

July Flower Photo

I took this picture of a Pink Lily while we were
biking around Lake Mendota. I started beading
for my July page~ Bead Journal Project.

New Announcement

I will be showing at the Firefly Art Fair next
weekend ( August 4 & 5 ) in Wauwatosa.

Here are pictures at Kneeland-Walker House and
Gardens from last year.

Citrus Embroidery Cuff

This morning I finished putting the leather on to
enclose a large snap button. I don't think that I
ever did it before. It worked very nice on top of
the round hide clasp and you can wear it either
on top or bottom of the cuff. I am very glad that
I finished it. The embroidery cuff is not new.

This is the cuff in the closed position.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Starting Over

I did not like my original June page project so
I cut it apart and started over. I worked on it
all morning.
I kept the pansy but redid the background and
used 6 x 8 Lacy's Stiff Stuff Beading Foundation
on the back with fusible.
I picked out the colors of lucite flower and leaf
to match the beaded pansy for corners. It looks
Victorian. They are not heavy and the fusible
gives more support. The project is about 25
I am very glad that I started over and tomorrow
I am hoping to start my July page project. I will
use the same size of beaded flowers and 6 x 8

Sunday, July 08, 2007


The English word "currant" has been used
for this fruit only since 1550, taken from the
fruit's resemblance to the dried currants of
Greece, raisins made from a small seedless
grape. Currants grow best in summer humid.
Deb has currant shrubs in her garden that
she makes currant jellies. I love to eat English
muffin with currant jelly for breakfast.

Bird Photography

Ken wanted me to try his 600mm telephoto lenses
and a tripod again to take pictures of birds. I took
pictures of a hummingbird and a robin. They are
not sharp pictures. When we were on vacation, we
saw cranes and a swan that I couldn't take closer
pictures so I wanted to buy a telephoto lenses and

This is the bike routes that we biked. The pink line
was our first night and short trip. The green line
was our second day and longest trip.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

June Bead Journal Project


I finished my June Bead Journal Project last
Wednesday but didn't have time to post my
picture in the blog. I was gone for vacation
for 4 days.
The beaded pansy was too large for wearable.
I used my old fabrics, yarns, and a small nylon
butterfly. This is my first 6 x 8 wall-hanging
quilt project.
Last week I was going to use my old sewing
machine but it did not work. So I decided to
sew the fabric by hand. I almost gave up ! I
have used Pellon fusible fabric before.
Last night I sewed a buttonhole stitch for the
border. It is not perfect. My next project will
be easier and better.
I have too many fabrics that I never use them
and will use them for my 12 projects.
I am going to use July flower picture for this
month project. I bought a book that I am going
to try to embroidery flowers and leaves. You
will have to wait to see it when I am done
before August.