Sunday, July 30, 2006

My First Vegetable Garden

This is my first vegetable garden. My
daughter gave me 3 tomato plants.

I pulled alot of weeds. My garden was a
former sandbox.

This is Jennifer's watermelon plant.

I planted lavender in the middle.

I also planted Red Poppy. I didn't plant
the flowers right away and they dried out.
I almost threw them away. Careful watering
saved them.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Historic Paoli Mill

Historic Paoli Mill is the perfect small town
gem with unique shops and galleries.

Paoli Cheese

For over 60 years Paoli Wi. has been visited by
persnickety cheese buyers. Dairy farmers and
city slickers alike would drive into the village
knowing they'd find some of the finest cheese
in Wisconsin.

Mill Garden

Garden at the Paoli Mill

Purple Coneflower

Balloon flower
I did not know what kind of flower it was so I
emailed my niece Kim to find out. She said
" I believe it's an about-to-open Balloon Flower
-- also known as Chinese Bellflower."

Kim pasted and sent it to me.
A picture with open and closed blooms.

Saturday afternoon

Dean and I went to the new library in Verona. I
found some good books about gardening, Window
boxes, Container garden, Easy Glass Etching & The
Most Scenic Drives in America-120 Spectacular
Road trips.

Sugar River from the bridge in Paoli

My good friend

My girlfriend Kendy came to visit me from
Milwaukee. We talked alot over Thai food.
We have been good friends since summer
school in high school. She sang for my

I held my camera in reverse for this picture.

Faire On The Green

The outdoor art fair starts Sunday, July 9 at
9AM to 4PM featuring original art, fine crafts,
and garden merchandise. My Booth is # 90
at Ellsworth Property.
The address is: 1430 Algoma Blvd. in
Oshkosh, Wi.

The Paine Art Center and Arboretum Gardens

Pastel Garden choker

Today I finished wire wrapping flower and
leaf beads for my " Pastel Garden " choker.
I used vintage, lucite flowers, czech glass
beads, and a magnetic clasp.
I am very busy getting ready for my show
next Sunday at Paine Art Center Garden
in Oshkosh.