Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sunday Walk

We went to the Overture Center Sunday afternoon to see " Women
of Madison Glass Art " at the Overture Center- Gallery 1 first floor and
my favorite sculptural glass artist is Shayna Leib. Her works are coral
reef from glass canes. Please check her website and click on Wind
and Water Series.
We walked around the Capitol and took pictures of tulips. It is a little
early for tulips to bloom and not warm enough but in about 2 weeks
I will go back and take more pictures of tulips and the Capitol. We had
a latte from Starbucks Coffee. It was good and I am glad that we walked.
Shawn came home this weekend for dad's birthday.

Friday, April 25, 2008

2008 Fire Mountain Gems Ad

Today I was at Barnes and Noble and found
my necklace featured in a Fire Mountain Gems
ad in Bead Unique magazine Issue # 17. They
changed from email to my blog address and it
is the same picture from April 2005 Bead and
Button magazine if you want to check on my
blog from October 2005.

2007 BJP October and November Pages

" Treasure Flower "
Native to South Africa. Treasure flower is a
popular African daisy. This plant is attractive
to bees, butterflies and birds.
Taken on a gorgeous fall day in Madison, Wi.
We were out biking and stopped at the UW
Madison Botanical Garden between Lathrop
Hall and Chamberlein Hall on the way home.

This is my October page. It is done with felt,
embossing powder and machine embroidery
then embellished with lucite flower and leaf

"Viola Flower "
Most popular edible flower in America. It taste
like mild pea flavors and is good with salad.
Last year I bought some viola flowers for the

I finished my November page a few days ago.
It is done with felt and embossing powder then
embellished with lucite flower and leaf beads.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

September photos

Glad that Dean and I went back to see the waterfalls
again. We enjoyed our hike. The last time we went to
Copper Falls was when our children were small.

Morning Glory

This photo was taken last September in the

Morning Glory are my favorite flowers and this is
my September page. I found a small branch from
my front yard. The fabric was green and I painted
it brown with fabric paint. I embroidered gray yarn
on the edges. I used lucite purple/pink flowers and
large leaves.
I started my own collection of flower pins.

Here is my flower pin that I wore.