Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Romanesco Broccoli

The apple-green head of Romanesco broccoli resemble
clusters of tropical coral. I bought it from Farmer Market
last Saturday. Descripition: created a great deal of interest
when grown at the Scottist Horticultural Research Institue,
yet it is very widely grown in northern Italy. Should be cooked
and served individually with melted butter. Dean and I walked
around the capitol.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Two Blue Garden Bracelets

I made two blue garden bracelets last week.

Blue Jean Garden

Midnight Garden

Walk and Bike

I have been getting up to walk early each morning
at a nearby park with Jasmine. They have all these
great walking trails and I have started to ride my
Cannondale bike.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

What a busy week !

Tuesday was my birthday. I cooked dinner
for our family. I didn't feel like going
out because I am on a diet. I have lost
ten pounds over a month.
Wednesday I went to Milwaukee to a bead
tour and I bought some gems and pearls.
Thursday I lunched with my friends, Lisa
and Georgia.

Georgia was showing Lisa her Silpada jewelry.

Here is a self portrait of our bead circle.
Our friend Mary Ann is missing as she passed
away from ovarian cancer at the age of 58.
Joan moved to Florida.

More Mushroom Pictures

We found two big puff balls larger than

Mushroom pictures

Sunday afternoon we walked in the rain at
the Southern Arboretum. The mosquioes were
out in forest.

Saturday Night

Last Saturday night we were invited to Jenni
and Bill's apartment for dinner. Jenni crafted
a hot flame curtain for the kitchen and used my
ribbons to make a curtain for her living room.

Jenni and Bill has a salt water fish tank
with coral and starfish.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

1854 Dells Mill

The Dells mill operated as a flour and feed mill for
over 100 years. The water from Bridge Creek was the
only source of power ever used.
The mill building itself is a five-story structure built
of hand hewed timbers and held together by wooden
pegs. It contains 3,000 feet of belting and 175 pulleys
all powered by water.

Fourth Generation

Mill pond Goose

Uncle Bill's farm

Bill was a farmer and his wife was a teacher. She was
a writer for the newspaper.

Dean's property

Wedges Creek and Five Mile Creek run through
Dean's farm.

Beaded Elegance Book

I found an excellent bead book at the
grocery store today that was marked
down to $3. It jumped into my cart.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mushroom pictures at Wildcat Mound Park

Wildcat Mound Park

Shawn listened to his ipod music at Wildcat Mound

Busy Weekend

We were gone for two days. We went to Dean's birthplace
in Neillsville. We visited Dean's grandparent's property for
lunch with the Coblentz and Upton families. They camped
out but we did not camp. After lunch Dean, Shawn and I
hiked at Wildcat Mound Park. We took Jasmine along. Saw
alot of mushrooms, wild turkeys and deer. We visited Dean's
property, visited his uncle Mickey and his old neighbor.
The next day Dean and I went to Augusta to see the Historic
Dell water-powered mill. It was beautiful scenery with a
waterfall and a red one room school house. It was about 24
miles from Neillsville. Shawn went home with his grandparents.

Purple Aster

Yellow mushroom

Mason and his great grandpa Gavin. Mason rode his
bike. He just turned seven.

Deb drove ATV.

An abandoned dryer

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Future Tomatoes

The garden is almost ready to offer up tomatoes
for salads, sandwiches and fried green tomatoes.

Rhonda's custom order

I made a bracelet for Rhonda and she wanted me to
make a necklace to match. The necklace that I made
a mistake with peyote stitch so I had to take the
necklace apart this morning. Dean took some picture
of me wearing Rhonda's necklace and bracelet.