Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Busy Weekend

We were gone for two days. We went to Dean's birthplace
in Neillsville. We visited Dean's grandparent's property for
lunch with the Coblentz and Upton families. They camped
out but we did not camp. After lunch Dean, Shawn and I
hiked at Wildcat Mound Park. We took Jasmine along. Saw
alot of mushrooms, wild turkeys and deer. We visited Dean's
property, visited his uncle Mickey and his old neighbor.
The next day Dean and I went to Augusta to see the Historic
Dell water-powered mill. It was beautiful scenery with a
waterfall and a red one room school house. It was about 24
miles from Neillsville. Shawn went home with his grandparents.

Purple Aster

Yellow mushroom

Mason and his great grandpa Gavin. Mason rode his
bike. He just turned seven.

Deb drove ATV.

An abandoned dryer

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