Monday, May 29, 2006

Iris Tool Shed

Iris flowers surround a tool shed near Arena.

Hyde's Mill at night

The photos are similar in composer I used
photo shop to make night pictures.

Mill Stones

The sign says from the scripture: No man shall
take the nether or the upper millstone to pledge
for he taketh a man's life to pledge.
Deut. 24:6

Summer into Autumn

Down stream of the Hyde's mill. I turned summer
into autumn with photo shop.

New Stone Bridge

The new beautiful stone bridge was built to
compliment the stone dam.

Reflections on the Creek

This is my first photo using reflections.

Hyde's Mill

The rustic grist mill stone dam was built in 1850.
This picture was shot using long exposure.

Harry at Hyde's Mill

It was so hot and humid yesterday we waited till
evening to go to Hyde's Mill. We had snacks of
apples, peanut butter, cheese and crackers. We
invited Harry to meet us in Arena. Here is a
picture of my brother Harry. We had a very
wonderful time together for about two hours.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Birthday Necklace

I made a necklace for Laurie's birthday.
Laurie saw the necklace on my blog that
I gave away for an auction. She loved the
colors of blues mixed with greens. It was
a surprise!

Laurie's Angel Suncatcher

This is a picture of the suncatcher I made
for my girlfriend. She supplied the blue
agate teardrop and I did the construction
with wire-wrapping and beads. The sun-
catcher looks like an angel. It matches her
blue kitchen. It was the first time that I
have ever made a suncatcher.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Limestone Arboretum shelter

Jean in the window of the shelter.

Red Trilliums

We saw a few rare red trilliums at
the UW Aboretum.

Sunday in the UW Arboretum

Dean and I met some cousins from Laos
today at the Aboretum. The women made
their splendid dresses with silver coins and

"Treasures in the Garden"

Rachel Dorn, ceramic artist had a MFA Exhibition
at Allen Centennial Gardens. Her ceramic sculpture
is based on sea creatures and exotic and native flora.
I loved her colors. Her work can be seen at galleries
in Cambridge and Whitewater. She will have art fairs
this summer at Cambridge Pottery Festival and Art
Fair On the Square. We met her last Sunday. She
knows Dean's friend. They used to run cross-country
in high school and he is a high school cross-country
coach in Whitewater.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Lily- of- the- Valley

My mom had a beautiful garden with
Lily of the Valley. My dad gave me some
so I planted them in my front yard a few
years and they are spreading.

White Trillium flowers

I took pictures of Jasmine today
at my front yard. The white trillium
flowers is in the background.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Vegetarian Pad Thai Noodle

My hubby, Dean made Vegetarian Pad
Thai rice noodle with frozen snow pea
pods and mushrooms for my lunch.
Delicious ! I wish I had some more!

Planting Flowers

Today we went to the grocery shopping and I
bought 4 6" pots of Lavender Lady Lavender,
Russell Red My Castle Lupine, Crimson Red
Oriental Poppy and Cherry Bells Bellflowers
that I will plant them on the side of the house.
It is sunny and partly shaded.

We had a sand box when our children were young.
We are going to take all the weeds and sand out. We
are planning to plant flowers or vegetables in the box.
It is sunny all day long.

My Garden

I mowed the lawn so I don't have to do this
weekend and was working in my garden. I
pulled out weeds and outlined the edge. Boy,
I am sore for 2 days. My son told me to plant
some flowers. He said he will help me when
school is over about a week. He helped his
ex-girlfriend and her mom plant the flowers
and he enjoyed it alot! The old bark has
disappeared. I am going to buy some flowers
Here is the picture of before and I will post
the picture after the project. I am thinking
to have a rain garden in the backyard this

Front yard