Monday, December 22, 2008

This Weeks Showcase

This week Beaders Showcase selected one of my
new work " Turquoise River." I made the new
bracelet a month ago. It is one-of-a-kind and it is
for sale.
They have 3 featured members every week for
this weeks showcase.
477 members belong to Beaders Showcase. It is
a community for all beading artists to showcase
their work.
Visit Beaders Showcase at website link.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

October 2008 Bead Journal Project

The size of the flower pin is 3" x 3."

My October project was done just before
I bought 2 pretty fabrics from Jo Ann Fabric.
I used my new sewing machine for flower and
leaf stitches. The size of the fabric is 5'' x 5.''

What kind of flower ???

I need your help ! I don't know what of flower
it is. It looks like a daisy or sunflower but I can't
find more information from the internet.

Late Autumn Hike Day News

This was the last day we hiked near the Stricker
Pond thru Wexford Park with Jasmine. It was a
beautiful autumn weather with gorgeous fall

Late Autumn Hike Day Photos

Late Autumn Hike Day

Night at the Capitol

This is Jenni at the Espresso Royale Cafe near
the Overture Center.
Jenni took pictures of my husband and I at the
Capitol after the reception.

Overture Gallery

The Madison Open Art Studios had an exhibition
at the Overture Center in downtown Madison
last September.
Here is my beaded water lily pin at the first floor
gallery located off the Rotunda Lobby from my
cell phone pictures. We went to the opening
reception. The food was wonderful. Each artist
had one of their works on display on all 3 floors.
140 Madison artists particapted in the 2008 Open
Art Studios Tour the first weekend of October.
The picture of my daughter and me is in the