Sunday, February 25, 2007

" Autumn Grape Leaves "

We have so much snow from the last two days and we are
going to have more, more snow tonite. Wisconsin Union
called yesterday that our glass beadmaking class was
canceled for tonite. They will call back later to reschedule.
Last week I went to the library to get books for some ideas
for glass beadmaking " Beads of Glass- The Art and the
Artists" by Cindy Jenkins and " the Complete Book of Glass
Beadmaking " by Kimberley Adams. Both of the books have
good instructions with alot of photos.
Yesterday I was reading my new Bead and Button magazine
that came last Friday. Jasmine was on my lap.
I watched " Cocoon " the other night on tv. I enjoyed watching
it again.
The unfinished " Autumn Grape Leaves " bracelet was left at
the table for a couple of months and I finished it this morning.

Shawn's birthday

Bill, Jenni and Shawn
Jenni and Shawn
Dean and Jean
Jenni and Jean

We celebrated Shawn's 20th birthday last Thursday night
at the Nitty Gritty downtown. I walked there with him from
Shawn's downtown apartment. I wore Kim Mile's floral large
bead necklace that came on Shawn's birthday.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Glass Beadmaking Class

Jean's beads
Dean's beads. Dean and I are taking a 3 session
glass beadmaking. We have one
more left next
Sunday night. Dean likes making glass beads.
beads are simple and he is good for the first
You rotate a non stick pencil stainless rod
as you wrap hot licorice
like glass onto the rod.
It is very difficult to form a perfect sphere

between heat and gravity.
Last night Dean made 8 beads and I made 2 beads.
One of my
bead cracked when I tried to make dots
for the flower petals.
We learned how to twist 2
colors of glass rods.

This morning my large green/purple transparent
bead cracked.
It was due to cooling too fast. Oh,
well !
Next week we will learn to use enamel

Saturday, February 03, 2007


When we came home, we watched the
movie "Simone" with Al Pacino. Simone
was a simulated actor that people claimed
to have met.

"Living Glass"



Dean's parents told us to go "Living Glass" at Bolz
Conservatory at Olbrich Botanical Gardens so we
went today. Beautiful blown glass sculptures of
flowers, plants, and fishes by Grant Zukowski
where on display. I also took some orchid flower
pictures. We went to the library at the east side
to get movies and books.

Blown Glass Flowers


Koi fishes

Blown Glass fishes
Blown Glass Fish