Monday, February 19, 2007

Glass Beadmaking Class

Jean's beads
Dean's beads. Dean and I are taking a 3 session
glass beadmaking. We have one
more left next
Sunday night. Dean likes making glass beads.
beads are simple and he is good for the first
You rotate a non stick pencil stainless rod
as you wrap hot licorice
like glass onto the rod.
It is very difficult to form a perfect sphere

between heat and gravity.
Last night Dean made 8 beads and I made 2 beads.
One of my
bead cracked when I tried to make dots
for the flower petals.
We learned how to twist 2
colors of glass rods.

This morning my large green/purple transparent
bead cracked.
It was due to cooling too fast. Oh,
well !
Next week we will learn to use enamel

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