Monday, September 17, 2007

Lodi Road Trip

One day in early August I went to Lodi to a party
and took some great pictures.

August Bead Journal Page

The water lily is done. I cut out 4 green felt for lily
pads and yesterday I stitched around the pads. I
am going to make a pin and you can take it out of
the fabric background.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hawk Photos

We rode our bikes around Middleton and we
saw a hawk on the ground eating a dead animal.
I got off of the bike and tried to get close up. I
was careful and brave to take good pictures of
the hawk. I was lucky that the hawk didn't attack
me. I know it was dangerous to get too close.

Rainy Weather Photos

Here are rainy weather photos at Olbrich Garden

Water Lily

This is the water lily that I took at the Olbrich
Botanical Garden last month. It rained that day
and I had a umbrella with me to take some
pictures. You can see alot of rain drops on the
water lily photo.
Here is my photo that I cut up pieces for my

I made a few mistakes with the colors of the
beads so I had to take them apart and start

This is my last progress picture. I have been
working on it this weekend and the project is
almost complete.