Friday, April 25, 2008

2007 BJP October and November Pages

" Treasure Flower "
Native to South Africa. Treasure flower is a
popular African daisy. This plant is attractive
to bees, butterflies and birds.
Taken on a gorgeous fall day in Madison, Wi.
We were out biking and stopped at the UW
Madison Botanical Garden between Lathrop
Hall and Chamberlein Hall on the way home.

This is my October page. It is done with felt,
embossing powder and machine embroidery
then embellished with lucite flower and leaf

"Viola Flower "
Most popular edible flower in America. It taste
like mild pea flavors and is good with salad.
Last year I bought some viola flowers for the

I finished my November page a few days ago.
It is done with felt and embossing powder then
embellished with lucite flower and leaf beads.


Kiwi Ellen said...

Both pages are beautiful Jean, I especially love the Afriacn Daisy as it has long been a favorite flower of mine & you have captured its likeness perfectly

KV said...

These pages are so lovely and just made me smile a lot. You have captured those flowers wonderfully!

Kathy V in NM

abeadlady said...

Those look great! I'm very partial to the daisy. Very nice.


pam T said...

very, very nice, Jean!

beadbabe49 said...

I'm with ellen, both pages are so beautiful, I can't pick a favorite of the two...YGG!

Robin said...

Your love for and understanding of flowers certainly comes through in these two pages!

freebird said...

The embossing powder idea is something I haven't heard of but it makes a unique background for your flowers which look wonderful.