Monday, November 21, 2005

Fourth day in Taos

Fourth day in Taos I took photographs most of
the morning.

Running horses

Casa Benavedes Bed and Breakfast

Taos style

Taos alley

This is my favorite photo of the blue gate.

Ironwork window

Sun rise

Two blue gates

Thom Wheeler Studio

An November Autumn Willow tree


Linda Ewing said...

Jean - I just got back from having a wonderful time at dinner with you and since I hadn't seen your blog for a while, decided to come here right away. I must say your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! You're not only a gifted bead artist, but a gifted photographer as well. Taos looks absolutely beautiful! You captured it's essance. Thank you for the wonderful Christmas gift and for your friendship. Love, Linda

Linda Ewing said...
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