Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Green Bay Truck Show

I just got back from Green Bay. Yesterday my friend, Barbara
from Green Bay and I had a wonderful chicken salad sandwich
at Alpha Delights in De Pere.
After lunch we went to the truck show and bought alot of nice
beads. I found some mother of pearl flowers and I fell in love
with them. I will take pictures of my new beads tomorrow.
Barbara and I went to the Green Bay Botanical Garden. The
garden was very nice.
It rained very hard on the way to Barbara's house. It was cool
after the rain. Barbara made a super of tuna fish salad with
delicious bakery bread.

My favorite pictures of flowers is with fences.

Here is a picture of Barbara at the Children's Garden where
she used to work.


Eugielene said...

You have a nice blog. I like the flowers. I hope you will post more pictures of flowers. My mom loves flowers too...

I think you are a great mom. My mom said that " A man who loves flowers are loving and caring"

More powere to your blog

Jean said...

Thank you, Eugielene!
Yes, I'll post more
flower pictures. My
sister and my two
nieces loves
wildflowers, too.
I love all kind of
flowers! Annuals,
wildflowers and
prairies , etc.