Monday, September 26, 2005

Brooklyn and Paoli road trip

Paoli Ice Cream Shop

Paoli Cheese Shop

Paoli Mill

Paoli Schoolhouse

It was raining all day long yesterday and I found
the Southern Wisconsin Studio Art Tour from the
Weekender Guide and I looked it up on the internet.
Dean and I went to Brooklyn to see one of the beaders.
She makes beautiful PMC link bracelets. We had a very
nice chat. I have been interested in making Precious
Metal clay for a long time.
We stopped at Paoli on the way home. I took some pixs
of the Historic Paoli schoolhouse, Paoli Cheese Shop and
Paoli Mill. After I took pictures, I went to Paper Arts at
Paoli Mill. Handed-made papers, cardstocks, rubber
stamp and collage items. Very nice shop!


Stephanie Distler artist said... didn't call me to go...why?
Lovely shots, love the light also.

Jean said...

Hi Stephanie,

If you come to Wisconsin
and I will be happy to
take you to Paoli. It is
about 15 minutes drive
from Madison.
Have you been to Bead and
Button Show in Milwaukee?
It is wonderful!