Tuesday, May 06, 2008

"Double Trouble " Dahlia

I did not know what kind of flower that I
beaded for my December page. At first I
thought it was Camellia. I have my mom's
old book that my brother gave me about a
year ago " The Colour Dictionary of Garden
Plants " Published in Collaboration with the
Royal Horticultural Society. It has 2048 photo
illustrations in colour. I found it similar to my
flower photo and beaded flower. It is a Dahlia
" Double Trouble." I did not take any 2007
flower photos in November and December.
The Dahlia flower photo was taken at the
Chicago Botanical Garden about 3 years ago.

I started my December page about 2 weeks ago
and I finished the flower last petal today so you
can see a little canvas cloth. Photographs will
follow. I am going to make a pin and work on the
felt background to sew with lucite flower and leaf
I bought canvas cloth from Office Depot to try and
loved it. I started to use canvas cloth with beads
on my October, November and December pages.
It is much faster than my old projects with paper
cut, draw and paint.

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Donna said...

I really liked your beaded Dalia